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I have re-structured my icons so that with pairings, instead of the star, it's the ♥, just to make it make a little bit more sense. So there'll be variances there. It's just me doing keyword maintenance. I am almost at my 100th icon. It'll be interesting to see who gets the hundredth icon. But I finally made a good icon for Germany/Italy. (It would be nice to make a Germania/Roma icon too just because that's a cute pairing as well.

Nearing the end of the music meme and I'm going to start with the multi-fandom character meme that anionna posted. So I think that would be interesting, I've really liked sharing music with all of you all.. and hopefully you've enjoyed it as well. Now keep in mind, if you ever want me to upload a particular song that I have featured (with the exception of the hated song on the list) I'd be more then happy to do uploading, hey I even got a convert to the church of Take Thattery ♥ so that just sort of thrilled me.

I already have an idea of what my 'guilt ridden' song will be. I do keep that on my playlist because hey it does remind me of something that I really just wish I had been able to do before a certain event. I'll probably post it. The very last song will be both difficult and easy (because no matter what way you cut it, it will be Take That.. just don't know what yet)

I have to go throw myself in the shower and then get into work. Woot. Yeah, too much fun there. I actually forgot to do something at work last night so I'm really sort of stressing about that, not to mention that I woke up uber early because of the cats who have been uber depressed that everyone hasn't been around. (it took me a half an hour to get back to sleep at around 3 I suppose. But I think that I have it probably better then shuufish who's probably being run sort of ragged.

Why do I have the word tonkatsu in my head?
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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+I AM THE SICKS. YUCK! Copious ammounts of theraflu are being ingested, because the first thing I want to do is be drugged up, the second thing I want to do is sleep.

+Honey & Clover is an addictive series. It's main beauty lies in the fact that while there is alot of really emotional and tear-jerking parts and then you think that you'll never be happy again, Shinobu Morita willl then come in and do something completely cracked out that makes you snort beverages out your nose. (Or Loli-raptor makes you go 'awwwwwwwwwwwww')

+Yui is Azu-nyan's raepist. It's cute.

+Yuri Lowell has joined the card carrying ranks of 'male characters' that this lesbian would definitely give up her lesbian morals for..he proudly joins fellow members "Sigurd Harcourt" and "Lockon Stratos", Shu says that they get a handy dandy card that will lock them somewhere that is safe from me. :tear:

+I also noticed that we went through an entire vesperia playing session without Flynn showing up to try to get Yuri ex-boyfriend to go back to the knights or out with him. I didn't notice this until further ruminating on the playthrough.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Reading the manga "Honey and Clover", it was a spontaneous buy since I've heard great things about the series.

Mother of god, the main female character is like the GAAR-est character ever. But not like a GAAR in a Nia Teppelin sort of way, I can't describe it. She's like GAAR in an Carnivorous LOLI-RAPTOR sort of way. (shuufish will like her, I know this is Jennie's type of GAAR)

Since I only have one volume and there is an anime, I can imagne what my NEXT ANIME WATCHNG PROJECT WILL BE AFTER WATCHING HIGURASHI REI!

Nia is pretty gaaar though..

If Shu develops a Hagu muse, there will be tons of Nia and Hagu tea parties, I KNOW IT.