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I'm not dead, I promise. Just have gone through some rough months.. I will be back to posting eventually.. with a new layout and everything! Phweee.
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So I've currently been aspecting Flynn. I don't know, drawing a little bit of strength from that particular character from Tales of Vesperia.. so I'm thinking of changing my LJ layout to him. But I'm afraid of the songs he'd pull up so I think that perhaps that's not such a good idea.

A Snow White (from Once Upon a Time) would also be a great choice.. and probably more positive.
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"I'm just a sweet transvestite.. from transexual.. transylvaniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

What a song to get stuck in your head in the morning.
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Everyone, I do have AIM so if you want to add me.. feel free to.


That is the name that my aim is registered underneath. I'm a bit confused though, so just add me and I'll add y'all back!

My y!im is Jyuufish

So there, two birds with one stone.
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So, I forgot to tell everyone but I managed to get into the Kulture Klub at Nasty Gal. What it is, is a group of seven individuals who act as the student council.. they plan out events for the employees (i.e we are planning a massive halloween event involving a scanvanger hunt, a pumpkin decorating contest and a cakewalk). Because it's important to keep our employees happy, that's pretty much what we are.. the Happy Squad.

It's pretty fun and tonight we are having an employee appreciation night where we have planned Cornholing (I know it sounds dirty, but really it's not) and some games.. and we are going to have a dessert bar. Woohoo. I look forward to going into work again.

Since it's also a position of responsibility, it is indeed a stepping stone to higher management positions, it's pretty exciting.

And that's why I love my job, trufax!
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that is if I haven't seen it already!

I'm in the mood for something new.. it's like a coping mechanism. I cling to things that make me happy when I am sad.
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I want to change this journal layout. And yet.. I don't.

I remember her saying that she still wanted to be friends with me, I remember how we had been friends before all that tension got in the way, and it was good. I told her that we had to make sure that our tree was fully cut down before we could allow the roots to regrow.

We did have alot of problems at the end. And I can see why she still wants to be friends, I want to be friends too.. just right now it's so very painful to even look at her. I made food last night and all I could really concentrate on was not bursting into tears if I looked at her, and I didn't taste the BLT I made, it just really all tasted the same.

I don't have to worry about her reading this because she's long since really left LJ because of busy life and perhaps things I'd done. I'd really rather her not read it so anyone who is also on her f-list, please don't draw her attention to any of this.. if she stumbles across it later, she stumbles upon it.. this is just my way of healing; I suppose.
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It's finally happened.

Myself and shufish are no longer a couple.  She told me yesterday that she'd fallen out of love with me.

I know I will survive.. it's just.. eh.   I alternate between feelings of pain and relief.. pain because we've been through so much, and relief because my mind knew it was coming even if my heart denied it.

We used to play Yuri and Flynn as a broken up couple.. and suddenly, there we are..  Yuri and Flynn.

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Also, fandom note.


I think that the actress for Sleeping Beauty is SOOOOO pretty.  I want to keep her in a glass case in my house.  Both her and Snow White.
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I have nothing against republicans and conservatives as a whole, really I don't.

I just get fed up by the fact that they just think that everything should be about them.    Most of the times liberals are 'celebrate diversity' while the entire right movement is 'let's celebrate people like ourselves!' (which sometimes is equivalent to rich, white people, right-wing christian politics.).   I see all of this hatred posted on facebook sites.. community sites devoted to 'christians for Romney' in which they proceed to spread hate and bigotry all across the board.  Seriously, do you really think that Jesus would spout a whole lot of the shit that they proceed to spout?  Do you think Jesus would even -care- about who you voted for?

Personally, I think that if Jesus were around today in the flesh.. he'd care more about how you treated everyone then how you voted. 

There was this one facebook post where it said that Republicans were supposed to vote on tuesday, while Democrats were supposed to vote on wednesday.   Someone asked the poster if they were aware that there were laws against misleading people's votes, and the response was 'lol u stupid liberal'.   WTF, man?

Straight, gay.. conservative, liberal, christian, pagan.. I think that ultimately what it comes down to is that you treat everyone with respect regardless of whether they are like you or not.