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~There's a little black spot on the sun today.. it's the same old thing as yesterday~

So let's see. What did Stephanie to today?

1.) Invasion of Personal Space. She reached over and picked a hair off of my shirt. I strongly believe in the six inch rule. Hell make that a foot. But well she did that, and I felt it and my eyes narrowed. Jean saw it and was like, "Uh-oh" and then I turned around and said quite emphatically. "What the hell was that?" and Stephanie said in her weak little voice, "There was a hair on your shoulder" and I said, "Don't do that, next time tell me that I have a hair on my shirt". And then Jean explained to Stephanie that I had a comfort zone like a guy and then further went on to tell her that I radiated that aura of friendly distance.

2.) Manhandling my Drink Cup. When we were coming home, I had to place my drink cup in the carrier on her side. It's sufficient to keep a cup in it steady. Immediately she puts her hand over the lid. I look over at her and ask her why her hand was on my cup. She responds that she didn't want it to fall. I told her that the drink carrier was made to naturally prevent that.

3.) THE COUP DE'GRACE: TMI. First words out of her mouth when I picked her up and we were heading down the street, "I am going to be so tired today.. my husband and I had a quickie just before we came downstairs.". Exit stomach, stage right. I wanted to throw up, certainly could not look at her. I hope she washed her hands before she came downstairs, however I did tell her to wash her hands once we got into work, just because I'm a cold bastard like that.

What is so wrong with what I ask? All I ask is that someone keep their hands off of me, I ask that my possessions remain unmolested, (especially since her palm was touching my straw) and I ask that you do not tell me anything that I do not wish to know. Ugh.

Luckily it was not crowded at work today.
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