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Wow, I am tired. I think I really should of gotten to sleep earlier last night but I stayed up talking way too much about TezuFuji with new friend, mienai_hoshi. Tons of fun. And to think I added her on a whim because she looked interesting from her userinfo. I added her and then we promptly spammed each other back and forth. I like spam. >.> The key phrase is that I had fun last night. It was definitely a night for comments, at least from me.

I also had dreams of my own death, but much like with any nightmare, I can never wake up. It is my curse to see them through until waking. But I did wake up somewhat sick to my stomach because of the death dreaming. One day the knowledge that I will die one day wiill be accepted. but right now if I think about death, my mind outright rejects it and bars the door. I am already morbid enough as it is, my mind does not need any more cause to have existential freak-outs. (Really this week is already wearing on me. I hope it gets better)

I have RP posts to respond to and I will do that in time. I don't know when though since right now my fuzzy mind does not dictate when to get them done. I really should be responding to them all, but I do not want to keep shuufish tied to the computer when she has a family that she has to spend time with. But I hope she realizes that I am always thinking about her and that she is in my thoughts constantly. I wish I could say something more romantic, but I am as romantic as Ukitake muse I think.. or perhaps even Citan because Citan and Ukitake's romance levels are somewhat the same.

132 icons.. what the hell am I going to do with them all. >.>

The live version of this song is fucking awesome. Just thought I would tell you all that.

Since it is your birthday, flowed, pick a number between 1 and 3282 and I will upload it for you!
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