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~Yay Mish is safe and the some work rants~

Mish is safely in Atlanta now, and with her family. She called me and we talked as she walked through the Atlanta Concourse. (Truly a hellish walk, but I feel special that she walked it just to have some extra moments to talk to me). So now I can go to sleep safe and sound. I was going to drag the phone into bed with me so that I would be able to be awake if she called, but now I can put it up to be charged, the phone that is. This trip was long overdue for her, she needed some time to spend with her family totally and for that I am happy.

But you know, a day over two weeks until I am going to be in Michigan. Am I excited? Of course I am. I would be a fool not to be. Positively excited. I can feel myself bounce. But the trial will be getting through the next two weeks of Stephanie. Ooooh. I have stories to tell about her. I want to KILL her. STABBY STABBY STABBY.

The primary one of my peeves being that she set a plate of tator tots on the silver counter where the people retrieve their food, and she placed it too hard so the tots fell off the plate. What does she do? SHE TAKES THE TOTS AND PLACES THEM BACK ON THE PLATE. How gross is that?. So forgive my bitchiness... but as customer oriented as I am, you don't just do that with me watching. Because then I'll just get angry at the blatant disregard for the customers.

(And had Suk not been in the kitchen making pimp_kitten's food, I would of made it myself. I certainly would not of let Stephanie make it.)

Thing is, she would not listen to me, she never listens to me. So I did the rational thing and I went to Jean and told her that she might want to have a talk with Stephanie about proper food disposal after cross-contamination. That makes me sick, because the customers could get sick... and what would that do to our business?

I have to give her rides for the next two weeks. I can feel the headache come on.

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