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Fanfic: ~Dirty~ | Author: Me (jyuufish)

Title: ~Dirty~
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing: Hakkai and Gojyo
Song Inspiration: "Dirty" by Darren Hayes
Comments: Well this is ONE of shuufish's white day presents. So happy white day love. This was begging itself to be written for a while. I know it is not very long, but really it is the thought that counts, and it was written in response to the fic that Mish wrote detailing the first time they had sex. Really Cho Hakkai has a dirty mind. And for statements sake, I do not know where everyone gets the idea that Hakkai bottoms all the time. Because while he plays coy sometimes, he is just not the type to play innocence or virginity. And while Gojyo is outwardly perverted, I think when it comes to thoughts, Hakkai might hold the deed to the timeshare that Gojyo posseses.

Ah, Gojyo and Hakkai. Such a great couple. This is not beta'd because I am fucking lazy, to quote Gojyo.

Thank you, Ke'chara for the inspiration! *hugs* Happy White Day *kisses*


"Why don't you tell me your sign
I hear we're two of a kind
A Scorpio...?
I've been told, you're my most compatible ride"

Nothing had changed at all. Absolutely nothing. Despite that hidden night on his bed, in which Gojyo held him tight and they summitted themselves to the pleasures of the flesh, everything was the same. They had woken up sticky with sweat and come and Hakkai had gone off to take a shower. But that gave him ample time to think about it. Now being the intellectual sort usually, Hakkai had to question exactly what had gone on between them. All he could conclude was that it was a fit of vulnerability, of needing someone in the darkest hour before dawn. Everything had been natural and instinctual and Hakkai knew that he could treat it as a one night stand, something that would never happen again.

Except the next days passed with Hakkai wanting it to happen again. Before the time, he had not thought of Sha Gojyo in a sexual manner. It was a friendship that was perhaps deeper then most. It was the type of friendship that allowed for little intimacies, the lighting of Gojyo's cigarette right before he took a drag, the way that Gojyo nudged out his chair with a foot so that he could sit down. and of course the very frequent nights of gambling and getting trashed where inevitably Hakkai was the one to carry his partner home.

But this sudden injection of lust into the relationship was not doing him any good. He was no stranger to lust, but it was not something he was comfortable with. Sitting at the dinner table, he was more aware of it, the way that Gojyo's foot alighted upon a spare chair, spreading his legs in that cocksure manner while he ate, or when he gathered the dishes and walked over to the sink to wash them, the way the leather clung to his hips and tight ass.

Certainly he had not expected on feeling this way from a man, but then after sleeping with and loving his sister, Hakkai knew that he had no cause to dwell upon things considered taboo.

But Gojyo was as straight as really any man could be. The redhead was popular with the ladies, the quinessential rake. He had seen Gojyo play his game many times and luck out like a jackpot striking the golden spot, Hakkai had only seen the many nights he came in like a content cat having gotten into the cream pot. Rationalizations filled his mind over that night, the speculation that Gojyo had only done a 'one good turn deserves another' when Hakkai's hand had wrapped around his cock. Didn't a wise man say that when one man jerks you off, proper ettiquette deems that you return the favor?

That was it. But it did not stop Hakkai from watching Gojyo with his green eyes, watching the movement. There was after all something very brooding about him when he got it into his head that he wanted something. For all he could do was watch Gojyo with a thirst that could of easily matched Gojyo's profuse sexual appetite. After three days he wanted to run his lips all over that body, five days found him wanting to bang the redhead senseless. This had nothing to do with their friendship, he would still easily of gotten Gojyo's back in any predicament or fight. But what it did have to do with was sex.. hot dirty and passionate sex.

So Hakkai kept watching that ass, his loins coiling whenever he came to their mutually shared dwelling to see Gojyo lounged on the couch reading porn materials. But he would never mention it, driving himself slowly insane with the tension that he believed to be one sided. He would play the martyr and deny himself what he wanted, but he would look. Because quite honestly, he couldn't look away.

"Let me tell you again
You make me wanna pop! (pop pop pop pop)
Jack into the movie inside my brain
I never wanna stop (stop stop stop stop)
Ooh, can you that again?
You make me wanna bam!(bam bam bam bam)
Shut the blinds
Baby let the door slam

Super bombastic
Go from the top
Baby don't ever stop till I tell you to

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