Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Soylent Update~

Bleach: Rukia
Bleach: Hol'lolol'ow
Bleach: Shunsui
Bleach: Aizen
FMA: Hughes

Comments are Appreciated but Credit is a Must
:Credit: soylent_icons or Individual Icon Maker
~Friend if you are inclined~
:Notes: Textless bases are STILL bases. If it has no words on it, then feel free to add your own. Not exempt from the credit rule though.

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Just as a note.. I will update one day at Soylent Icons, one day at Anime Icons. I never update both places. This is to assure those faithful to my FList and my icon journal that they get their foot in the door to icons that at times I will not offer to everyone and their neightbor outright.
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