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The duel that Jin declared on Isshin was put off due to porn. Now they are settled in the living room of my muse-box watching porn, I knew they were not going to be serious about this. Ukitake usually hangs out with Jin however when porn-time was declared he went into the kitchen so that Yui could feed him. Yui loves to feed him because he offers to do the dishes. Ukitake is not the biggest fan of porn it seems. Hyuga is in his study reading, Citan is building models and Oriya, Umeda and Iruka are doing some sort of group activity, since they have this super sekrit clique formed.

I am going to go take a bath though, and read the books that I just got in. YAY FOR WIERD URBAN LEGEND STORIES! Watch me not sleep tonight!

Oh yes, feeling better. I ate enough dark chocolate this morning to keep my mood afloat! YAY

Oh yes, pick a number between 1 and 3275. For the Daily Download. *drumroll*

If you've picked it in the last two months, don't bother picking the number because I won't use you.
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