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Midol is love, especially accompanied by a can of frothing penny varnish (coke). I have decided that is at the root of my sensitivity. So this morning I thought it a good idea if I took one, after all anything to help improve my mood is good. I might take some St. John's Wort too since Alexi swears by it. Last night I took some Tylenol PMs to get to sleep and I spent a majority of the time before sleep crying (out of whack emotions due to the thursday pre-show) but once those tylenol pms kicked in, I was out like a light.
When I woke up, I ached.. so I checked my email and then I crawled into bed with Alexi for cuddles. I rarely do that, but he does not mind it when I do. Just have to remember to not get too close to him. (he sleeps naked >.>) I think he enjoyed the cuddles, the cats certainly did. >.>
That my friends is why I absolultely and utterly HATE being female. It is the emotional instability that the pre-show causes. It makes me want to go stabby to my uterus.
On a less serious note, Jin came back (still don't know where he was).. realized that all of his hawaiian shirts were gone and went on a rampage. He found them in Isshin Kurosaki's closet. He challenged him to a duel. I don't think this duel is gonna be very serious. Look at Jin, look at Isshin. Nah, not serious at all. Isshin picked Ukitake to be his second, and Jin forced Hyuga to be his. Ukitake is now informing me that Isshin brought donuts when he came to ask him. (which is probably why Ukitake accepted to be Isshin's second against Jin. Come on, it's DONUTS). More details will be coming as I learn them, however since Ukitake and Jin both regularly talk my ear off, that won't be -that- hard.
Dear Solarian Italics, give me back my soul plz.
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