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~Nia's Favorite Pictures #10~

Well here it is, another episode of Nia's favorite pictures. I have many folders on my computer, but there is only ONE folder filled with art that utterly AMAZES me. *there is no Uzuki pictures in this folder though because well.. I believe that anything Uzuki makes me orgasm* So for your viewing pleasure, selected is the next in line of alot of pictures that literally make my heart -feel- something.

Why do I like this picture? Well this is really just something for me. I love dark skin and light hair. That is why Venom (GG) and Sigurd (XG) have made such a big impression on me. It is that particular combination that I just melt when I see. But then really I like dark skin in anime or video games. It makes it seem more exotic. I will usually fangirl the characters though with dark skin and light hair because let's face it, I am superficial about what I like. This happens to remind me of Sigele, one of Mish's female characters (the female incarnation of Sigurd in fact). The blue eyes are also a BIG plus. Because blue eyes and dark skin. MEOW.

I call it brown sugar skin. Skin that I could just eat up. This is just one item in a list of fetishes that I have.

Like it? Maybe not so much? Comment and tell me what -you- like or don't like about it. Comments are appreciated!
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