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~It's lonely sometimes in the fastlane.. people come and go like rain~

I really need to be shot for that icon. But then there are alot of of really wrong icons that I have made in my life.

Remember, if taking.. comment and then credit over at soylent_icons.
I am also an official shipper of Isshin and Urahara. *salutes* Because reading the manga, I have developed a STRONG love for Isshin that knows no bounderies. (And well shuufish has a mighty tasty Urahara muse. *coughs*). Of course maybe this is me being trival.
I've been feeling very trivial these past couple of days.. almost useless, even though I have two part time jobs. I guess it is because of certain worries that just are rubbong off on me. But I've never been one to really embrace life, but rather flow with whatever comes to me. Is it wrong to say that I do not have any great ambitions? Because I do not. I want to go back to school for I.T.T, but that will come in time. Right now my year is filled with merely saving money. That's the key here. I have a year to perfect my resume, to get a higher paying job. (Though really, quite honestly. I know this will sound strange but I definitely want a job where I can interact with people. That has become very important to me. I need the face to face people reaction, I like to make friends with whomever it is that I am serving.
There are these two guys that come in to where I work. They are friends / rivals. They always order a club with fries or tots. However it is a game to them, a game which I gladly embrace. I try to put in their tickets in a way that it will be equal. And they they see who gets their sandwhiches first. I always bring out the sandwhich for the loser even though it is not required, and then I will come to their table and banter with them. That is what I need in a job, I need to feel good about it. I need to like the people I work with and it is a delight and a pleasure to please the people that I serve. That is what I need in a job... the satisfaction. I guess the pay would be secondary, though money is good.
By typing the above, perhaps I am trying to validate myself. I don't know. Perhaps to make my thoughts more clear to me. But as long as I can wake up and face the world with a smile, I guess that is what is truly important to me emotionally. Never go to work in a bad mood, never let them see you frown. If you give someone a bad attitude, that is them having power over you. A smile means that whatever happens, you are in control, or give the semblance of such.
Wow, I rambled. But I am done now. Teehee.
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