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~I can understand where you're coming from..~

Credit soylent_icons if you take. (I'm not using it.. I just write the songs.. ahaha to quote Barry Manilow)


I need to stop having fun with the Bleach Manga. Already developing icon crack. Teehee. I am also planning one Rukia one. But that will get done whenever.


Someone pick a number between 1 and 3273 and that will be the Daily Download. (I should say 'weekly' with as much time as I spend doing that stuff anymore. I remember once upon a time I updated like once every two days. But I've fallen short. Other matters to attend to.


Alexi desirith the cookies, and so I am going to go and buy cookie stuff right now. Oh yes, I have a new Shunsui icon now. Because I needed a Shunsui icon. There are many icons I need, but not enough motivation to do them all. This icon.. it seriously took me a week to do, and all in all I am very happy with it.


Had a nice conversation with Mish on the phone. The contents of which were really great but I shall not disclose. A Hyu has gotta have his privacy.


To the person who has been sending me Bible-tracts in the mail, THANK YOU I ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THE LOVE OF THE LORD! YOU HAVE VERILY VERILY CONVERTED ME. (don't think that I don't know who you are.. *heh's* Sending me stuff under "Hyu(ga) Westphal" is a DEAD GIVEAWAY.

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