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~In other words hold my hand.. in other words darling kiss me~

*Blah* I must of had something bad to eat last night because I woke up with the overwhelming need to retch. *mumbles* And so I did.. however praise the goddess that I am not pregnant.. already did that took the pregnancy test.. came up negative for pregnancy.

I want children.. just not now.. I want time to nuzzle and cuddle Alexi.. have time alone with him. When I am ready, I will be ready.. but I want to have children with no regrets of stuff that I -didn't- do before they were born. I also don't want Alexi to be envious of the children, I want him to know that he had 6 years of me to himself and he didn't have to share one bit.

Anyways I am listening to "Fly me to the Moon" from NGE. I love this song, it is very.. bossa nova.. I just want to slow dance to this song.. and awww.. it is ending. What song is on next? *peers*

My Heart Your Heart from Oh My Goddess.. *giggles*

This song reminds me of Alexi, but anything from that anime reminds me of him since it his favorite anime.

Just like he has to be reminded of me whenever Utena stuff comes on.. whcih reminds me I feel like watching some Utena. *cheeses*

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