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~Draining from my heart, each and every day~

After long last ques_nova deleted me. Really I do not know what her purpose was with adding me in the first place except that I am friends with xerne, though it seems she adds friend of friend's quite a bit. But I did the decent thing and deleted her right back. If someone deletes me I always do the honorable thing and reciprocate.

I also want to warn everyone that my mood comes and goes in splurts and will keep coming and going faster then a fifteen year old boy's cock for probably another week. Yesterday afternoon I was 'bleah', but yesterday evening mood much improved thanks to long discussions with both shuufish and fennin (and Umeda muse who I can rely on to be nice and bitter like dark chocolate.. with his grumpy attitude, he sort of busts me out of my own moods). But well that is my situation right now. But hey I have the plane ticket. *whee's* And for everyone's information I will be going to Michigan to visit Mish. So that is for all the questions that were asked.
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