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I am back.

Wow, that was alot of shopping, alot of CLOTHES shopping with myself being the helpless bystander. Oiya, but I did find one clothing shop that I have determined that Hyuga from the Brady RP goes into. (don't ask, it's complicated). Oh the ambiance on this store was WONDERFUL. A bunch of little compartmentalized little rooms, dark wood and spotlights. I also found an outfit that I immediately imagined Sigurd in. (Purple track jacket, blue jeams amd a striped purple shirt, very.. retro. Oh gods, that outfit..)

I caved and bought myself a beige track jacket, some japanese gummies from Cost Plus and finally some veggie chips. I resisted the urge to buy manga. (valiently so) Though I wanted to get volume 10 of HanaKimi, I decided that I could wait.

That is my day in Boise. Woot!
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