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~Warm like a desert sun, blue like an ocean~

Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend, I tried to curtail most of my online time between talking with shuufish and doing things in the morning with pimp_kitten. Fun stuff. No less then TWO trips to Wal-Mart. (Want to know what makes pimp_kitten happy? FLOWERS.. LOTS OF SILK FLOWERS FROM THE CRAFT SECTION OF WAL-MART. But he's not gay, I swear. *knows this from previous expirience*). And then I spent alot of time just talking with shuufish, because let's face it, I am always concerned and thinking of her.

Lots of talking got done, and a smattering of RO. (which I had forgotten about til this weekend.) The people who got the levels this weekend were Citan Uzuki (and Fei Uzuki), Ukitake Jyuunshirou (and Shunsui Kyoraku) and Umeda Hokuto (with Akiha Hara). That is what I love about NamelessRO. The good names ARE NOT taken. I think this stems from them being BRs. All the Xenogears names I wanted, I got, not to mention some other misc names. So most of my muses are there in their entirity.

Ukitake and Shunsui had a few rough waters.. but by the time that they made Transcendant classes, they had pretty much been okay. The highlight was Ukitake wearing a CAKE on his head. He had his choice of all the different head gears and he wanted a cake. He said, 'in case he got hungry'. It goes wonderfully with his snazzy scholar outfit. Umeda, well Umeda is an assasin. (this makes alot of sense) and he was all for snarking up a storm, most of it in response to Akiha TACKLING him at every opportunity.

So this weekend was RO-centric for the most part.

In an hour I go and pick up Dimitri to take him out for his birthday. We have not hung out alone in FOREVER. I think it's been since Alexi has been in England.. or the whatnot. So it should be fun. Boise should not be crowded too bad. (maybe the lunch rush but really I am hoping to go to Kyoto's which should not be too bad.)

Just want you all to know I'm not dead or anything. Just been sort of running the gamut. I'll have music for you all laters when I get back.

shuufish, I hope this day goes WONDERFULLY for you. Good luck alright! *hugs*
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