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~I ask you why, I hear you reply.. that you're still waiting for me~

When did all the text brushes I download start being crap? I think this may be because I have not converted brushes to image packs in a WHILE. And that was since I discovered my newest whore, ARIAL BLACK which I overuse in abundance if my 5 latest icons can be believed. So yes, one day I will get the Shunsui icon that I want to be made, before then.. MEH. *mehs for real*

I need pants.

So FList.. how are you guys today? Anything going on?

I am tempted to do that Icon Meme.. but I should not because I HAVE TONS OF CITAN/HYUGA icons to make. *coughs* damn it. (no, that was -not- a pairing...)

Edit: Mish, when I get home do you want to play with the Supernatural kids again? I was really enjoying Citan, Hyuga and Elly. And Ukitake has decided that email is alright again, and for once I am very content with it. I'll be home around 2:30.. approximately.
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