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~20 Silly and Sweet Facts about the Wielders of the Twin Zanpakutohs~

Title:  20 Silly and Sweet Facts about the Wielders of the Twin Zanpakutohs
Author:  jyuufish  (don't let tear_venus fool you.
Character/Pairing/Group:  Ukitake Jyuunshiro/Kyouraku Shunsui
Rating:  It all moves from G to R.. nothing heavier then that.
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever:  How could I resist picking up my pairing du'jour.  Hopefully this all makes sense to you all, but alot of this is in my imagination after all.  Also, I did not beta this because well I'm lazy, and I am just writing all of this from the muses. ^_^.  These are also stemming from the Shunsui/Ukitake RPs that I have done with my Shunsui-Partner-in-Crime, shuufish and without her, none of these silly and sweet bits would of been possible.    I really love the dynamic that Shunsui and Ukitake have, and I love the pairings that are based on a strong sense of equality. Written for 20_souls and crossposted to shun_uki

1.)  To Shunsui's delicate sensibilites, squid on a stick was never very appealing aesthetically.  However seeing the look of joy on Ukitake's face whenever the dining facility offered it had him placing some on his plate just so that Ukitake could steal it off his plate during the course of the meal.

2.)  The first time they kissed was wholly an accident due to a truth or dare game that Ukitake had instigated in order to find out if there was any particular girl that Shunsui fancied.  How was he to know that the girls were itching to see them kiss?

3.)  The second time they kissed was promptly blamed upon their zanpakutohs.  When your dorm room is filled with the aura of two swords making out, well it is hard not to feel a little pitter patter of romantic backlash.  Shunsui had not been able to help it, but then neither had Ukitake.

4.)  When Nanao threatens to hit Shunsui, Ukitake does the wise thing and calmly moves away with a smile as he would never dream of taking Shunsui's simple pleasures away from him.  But you can be sure that Ukitake gives Shunsui a good-luck kiss on the cheek before vacating his spot at Shunsui's side.

5.)  They both silently agreed that it was nice to find a companion who could match their walking pace.  Ukitake did not have to tax his fragile energy to speed up, and Shunsui found that he did not have to slow down whatsoever to accomodate Ukitake. 

6.)  One of Shunsui's most treasured possesions is a little plush squid named "Sakura-chan" that Ukitake made for him their first year at the academy.  He will often take out Sakura-chan and talk to his Vice-Captain through it in a high-pitched girly voice.  He considers it one of the most useful -and- amusing gifts that Ukitake has ever given him.

7.)  Shunsui had known that Ukitake was a bit sensitive at being thought the 'girl' in their relationship, even though they both knew that neither were.  So the first time that Shunsui and Ukitake told their friends that they were in a committed relationship, Shunsui declared to them all that they were 'lesbians' for each other.  And then in the time that it took for their friends to wrap their brains around the statement, Shunsui and Ukitake were already almost to the dining hall.  To punctuate the statement with a kiss would of been too much, even for them.

8.)  Ukitake has a weakness for convenience store junk food.  So whenever they come up to the Other World to fight Hollows, Shunsui will often tell him to go protect the 7-11s, and then smile to himself when Ukitake goes gladly.  He of course wonders who is going to protect the 7-11s from Ukitake, but he does not make that his concern.

9.)  When they are lying in each others arms at night, Ukitake spins beautiful little whimsies of the life they will lead after both stepping down as Captains.  They all involve a little house in the countryside and adopting orphan children that he can both spoil and care for.  For Ukitake's sake, Shunsui cherishes those dreams as well though he secretly knows he will be training them all to chase the girls, and perhaps more importantly Nanao-chan.

10.)  One time, they spent a whole night outside in one of the parks, kneeling down beside a Koi pond while Ukitake tried to condition Shunsui not to jump when fish nibbled against his fingertips.  The real excuse was that Ukitake wanted to hold Shunsui's hand and if it took a night outside with their fingers entwined underneath the water.  A bit excessive, but it left Ukitake quite happy when they returned home, especially when Shunsui did not let go of his hand afterwards.

11.)  Their courtship had been very slow for the both of them, and they had chosen not to be intimate for the longest time because they had not wanted to let sex get in the way of their development as friends and as individuals.  However during the first time, they did not emmerge from their quarters for a whole weekend.  Needless to say, there was take-out.  Alot of Take-out.

12.)  Often times when Ukitake falls asleep out underneath the Sakura tree in the courtyard of the 13th Division, he will wake up to find Shunsui's coat around his shoulders, and a spare sakkat on his head to protect his pale skin from the sun.  Sure proof that Shunsui is always looking after him.

13.)  Whenever his subordinates go to the Other World for a mission, Shunsui will task them with an additional secret mission.  To bring back as many cans of Readi-whip as they can carry.  They have never questioned Shunsui, but Shunsui does assure them that it is for a 'noble' cause.  If he is feeling particularly evil, he will put cherries and chocolate sauce on the list too.

14.)  Many times Ukitake has suggested a threesome to Shunsui, however Shunsui thinks it is just a ploy for him to be a 'stud-horse' for the children that his partner wants.  He suggested it to Nanao one time but got slapped for it, then decided that he did not like the idea very much.  After all.. did he really want children if it was not both of theirs equally?  He'd just rather adopt.

15.)  Ukitake it the entire reason that Shunsui religiously presses sakura petals into his clothing.  Because one day Ukitake turned to him and right out of the blue said that the sakura blossoms suited him and his personality.

16.)  It is not uncommon for Ukitake to just start randomly gnawing on Shunsui's shoulder in private.  This stems back to a conversation they had their first week of aquaintanceship when Shunsui asked Ukitake not to eat him in his sleep after observing first hand how much Ukitake could tuck in at the dinner table.

17.)  Ukitake's opinion is of course that Shunsui tastes like a cross-between rock candy and candied violet petals.

18.)  Whenever Shunsui wants to find Ukitake on any given day, he knows that all he has to do is follow the trail of crumbs.  No matter what Ukitake is eating, he always manages to leave a trail

19.)  Speaking of snacks, Ukitake does keep a vertible convenience store in his captain's robes, but whenever he needs to make a quick restock, all he has to do is go over to the 8th Division because he knows that Shunsui always keeps a cupboard of treats specifically designed for him to raid secretly.  Half of the fun is getting past Nanao-chan, or so Ukitake thinks.

20.)  Ukitake thinks that a world without Shunsui would be like a world without Squid on a Stick, while Shunsui thinks that a world without Ukitake would be like long hall with no girls to chase.  That is what they are to each other, the simple pleasures that make life worth living.
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