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~So if I call you, don't make a fuss. Don't tell your friends about the two of us~

So as you all know, I went to Boise yesterday (or maybe you did not) to do a manga crawl. I really did not pick up very much. I picked up 4 tomes and they are the following

Hana Kimi vol 8 & 9 (AKIHA!)
Loveless Vol 1# Because the fandom does not scare me -quite- yet
Earthian Vol 2# Chihaya grows on you, at least manga Chihaya does.

I am not TOTALLY an earthian fangirl but I am conceeding that the anime ruined it for me. I should of read scanlations instead of subjecting myself to that anime. My elitist was horribly showing. >.> But well now I can appreciate it. And the cover and inside art. GORGEOUS. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL

Things I like judging from the volumes I got.

Akiha Hara HE IS AT THE TOP FOR A REASON, OH AKIHA HARA I LOVE YOU DOKIDOKIDOKI. I might just be channeling through my Umeda muse, but I doubt it because Umeda is right now denying that he could be attracted to a cling-on like him. It's cute, it really is.
Yuiko Come on, she is sooooo cute. I love her to death. boobs! lots of Yuiko boobs
Kio Yes, Kio needs to find someone and get laid, you know what he needs? He needs a threesome with the Zero boys, THAT is what he needs. (Dear Kio, it breaks my heart that Soubi doesn't notice you, but he has an aoyagi fetish.. and that can't he helped. No, voodoo dolls are NOT cool. KIO STOP IT!)

Haven't started in on the Earthian yet, but I will. Teehee.

And now for the Akiha icon I made. Isn't it cute? He's so adorable. I know in the picture he HAD NO NOSE.. but I do not care. Umeda-muse said he bit it off after all that groping, but I just tell him that his BITTERGAY is showing.

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