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~Drabble: {Bleach} "The Nature of the Cat"~

Title: The Nature of the Cat
Author: jyuufish
Fandom: Bleach (dear fandom, plz to be giving me back my SOUL!)
Pairing: Soi Fong/Yoruichi
Comments: The ultimate cliche is comparing Yoruichi to a CAT. So for that I fail I suppose. But I mean.. KITTY! Okay done now. This was written for shuufish (as all of my little ficlets are made for) and I hope she enjoys reading it when she gets back from work. Oh yes, episode 69, REPRESENT. The Yorusoi shippers go WILD! I think that the Shinigami cup was made specifically for me. Alot of Soi, Ukitake being CUTE and then the requisite Yorusoi. I can see that the anime is leaning toward Yorusoi. This has no rating, it is mostly just introspection on Soi's part. The song for the LJ-cut is a song that I associate with Yorusoi. "A Matter of Trust" by Billy Joel. Forgive me if this drabble went everywhere. I didn't beta it.

It was moments when they were safely tucked in their bed that Soi Fong believed that Yoruichi's arms would never let her go. To her estimation there was nothing better then being loved by the firm embrace of her senpai's arms as they wrapped around her shoulders and her enemy in any case would always be the dawn that would seperate them upon their waking. It was never Yoruichi that seperated them, but herself because by nature Soi Fong was her own worst enemy. Despite the fact that she hated to leave, she would get up from the bed because she had too much pride to seem dependant upon Yoruichi.

Oftentimes she marveled at how very cat-like Yoruichi really was. The ability to laze in bed, the proclivity for little catnaps here and there when the mood fit, and the one that Soi Fong liked the least; the tendancy to pick up and leave whenever the mood struck. But if one really loved a cat, one would have to accept that the cat would not stay on your lap forever. Soi Fong had never wanted a dog, hated the fact that they drooled and got dog hair on one, they were clingy and needy and they smelled of whatever it was that they were digging up in the dirt. If given a chance, she certainly would of picked the fierce independant love of a cat, despite their inherent urge to wander.

After all, cats would come back when the mood struck to get petted and lavished attention upon. But Soi-Fong knew Yoruichi's secret, A nature that was rooted in the same animal that she often took the guise of. Distance lent enchantment to view and the more aloof a toy or companion was, the more the curiousity would fuel attentions and the cat's nature would be to prod at it until it gave in her hand and once again surrendered. Sure it was a subtle manipulation, but it was something that Soi thought she had to do in order to see Yoruichi soon, to leave the bed before she did.

By lunchtime she could expect Yoruichi to pad around to see where she had wandered off to. But she would have lunch for two waiting in that case, she always packed extra in case Yoruichi showed up to keep her company. After it was customary to have something for the feline in the terms of treats, even Soi-Fong knew this.
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