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Well last night I had a dream that had kurohyou (*note: crazy ex girlfriend for those coming in late in the game) in it but that is neither here nor there since it did not affect me at all, all thanks to Jin and Ukitake who woke me up with their mutual bonding over breakfast cereals.    Ukitake likes western food alot..  peanut butter and frosted flakes are his staples of choice.   And then by the time Ukitake was done with his second box of frosted flakes and 1st jar of peanut butter, that is when Hyuga locked the cabinent.    So now evidentally Ukitake wants his own muse-kitchen.   But who am I to deny him that?    And then I got up and got some soda before conversing quite happily with shuufish.    

Man, I need to watch more Mai Otome, and I need to watch more Bleach.    Mai Otome, everything just got MAJORLY fucked up.   Enough for me to be yelling, "OH GODS NO!" at my poor LCD screen.   If I had a juice pack, I'd be throwing it at the screen in frustrations.   I could see it now.   Well at least the intro changed.   Mai-Hime was really bad for the fact that when the intro came on after a certain point, it was just depressing so I had to fast forward through it.

I also was of the mind to counsel my bouton upon the nature of love.   I love freysama, I really do.. and I do not want her hurt in the end ultimately.   My advice was pragmatic and very non-whimsical for someone like me.  But for as spontaneous as I am, I can be very in tune with harsh truths.    Jealousy, is a trait that I am often afflicted with it, and I've never been to shake it because I've never been truly confident with who -I- am.    But I like to think that I have gotten past that in the past year..  because I took time off to know -myself-.    Situations that at one time could of caused me jealousy, just does not anymore.    I guess it is about knowing yourself and being comfortable with yourself.   (and I can safely say that I am alot happier wtih myself then I was a little over a year ago)

Remember, when you love someone.  Despite what all the buttsecks/girlsex fics tell you.   It is about hard work and it is about compromise.    It is about letting the other person be who they want to be.   Soul connections are nice, but they are not realistic, and when all is said and done, grand passion fades out, but friendship stays with you like a warm and fluffy blanket.

Wow, I rambled.  You do not get -this- every day.

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