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~Ukitake's favorite food~

UzukiStyle: (I have happy images of when Ukitake goes out of Soul Society for the first time and discovers PEANUT BUTTER)
Mishakel7: (Shunsui: *will take Uktiake's word for it*)
UzukiStyle: (Oh he will be a fiend for peanut butter..)
Mishakel7: (That's so cute!)
UzukiStyle: (Yes..  I am pretty sure that Ukitake will be too busy going grocery shopping to fight Hollows)
Mishakel7: (Shunsui says he will fight the Hollows so Ukitake can get some peanut butter)
UzukiStyle: (He siad he will get the Hollows if they attack the grocery store)
Mishakel7: (*dies* All hungry Hollows better watch out!)
UzukiStyle: (He says that food supplies are safe with him.. unless he eats it first)
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