Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~You're indestructible.. always believing.~

It's so hard for me to find songs for Ukitake because he is an absolutely angst free zone (despite, you know his lung sickness).   It is just his personality, blame it on the fact that he is a saggitarius and is inclined to think optimistically about most things.

"Truly (Wise Buddah Radio Edit)" by Delerium  (His image song in my mind)
"The Dance you Choose" by Aselin Debison  (This applies to his obvious charisma.   He is easily the one who is the most -trusted- in Soul Society, and we won't go into how much his Squad abso-fucking-lutely adores him as if he was their newly crowned god.
"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" by Starship.  (come on, the song is a cheesy love ballad without the angst.   This will play the first time that he and Shunsui actually come to TERMs with thier feelings in the RP *I.E they are not being stubborn*)
"Gold" By Spandeau Ballet.   (Most of his songs so far do not involve Shunsui.. I think it is because inherently Ukitake is a very independant muse.   This song is about his optimism, the fact that no matter how much he hurts, he still keeps standing tall and going forward, because it's the only way to go... I admire him for the fact that he is so.. resiliant, at least emotionally.)
I may play Ukitake a little wierd.   Eternally optimistic, but not really too gentle despite his health.  Really if he could walk faster or run, he -would-.    If he had a day without his sickness, he would spend it doing every active thing he could think of, climbing trees, marathon running, flying.. anything he could do.   Despite his slow gait, I try to convey that there is that energy in him that compensate for his body's weakness.     He is a dreamer, but he also works hard for those dreams to make them possibilities because those dreams he knows has to make to fruition.

Okay I am done rambling.   Now Ukitake muse is going to sleep, and that's a good thing

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