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It's all time for the part of the show entitled

Hyu's Favorite Pictures.

For those of you are new, this is the part of the program where I post up a pretty picture.   I possess many pretty pictures on Elessari (the name of my computer) but only a folderful have made it into my favorite pictures folder.  This folder could have pictures from ANY series, because being a favorite picture automatically cross-cancels their need to be in the folder of their origin.

I remember my friend Delalyn first used this picture in Avalon, and so I thought it was gorgeous, however when she joined the Navy, I lost all access to her picture files, however then on one of my random flings through CG-land, I found this picture..squeed and promptly saved.   The reason why I like this picture is a bit cute I suppose, because when I was a child, my favorite book series was the Oz Series.   And I loved Ozma of Oz the best..  and this girl reminds me a bit of how I imagined she would look like. (the hair would have to be blacker though...)   But yes, the wingspan fucking impresses me.  I love it, and her big staff wand.   Hell I need one of those to clock the insane customers that come through Pizza Etc every day.

So now I've told you why I like it, it is your turn to tell me what you like and/or dislike about the picture!    I love getting feedback and other people's perspectives!
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