Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~The Rose and the Bee~

Title: The Rose and the Bee
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Soi Fong/Yoruichi
Rating: I would say PG. No sex whatsoever.
Comment: Written on a moment and written for shuufish, and from my Soi Fong muse to her Yoruichi muse. I was inspired by the Cyndi Lauper song, Time after Time so the best effect would be obtained if you listened to that song while you read the little ficbit. This answers a resolution that must of occured before Yoruichi went through the gate after leaving with Ichigo and the rest into Soul Society.


It had been only a matter of time that Yoruichi had gone back to the other world and left her to stay here.  Though she had knowledge now on her side and that was perhaps the most important thing of all.  When Yoruichi had left the first time, there had been no explanations, nothing except for a little red rose on the bedside pillow, a rose that had quickly found itself thrown up against a wall once it had withered and died.   And even though afterwards she had tried to scramble for it, it still had scattered before she could of reached them.   During that time she had let bitterness and disappointment fester in her heart until all she could see was the many ways that Yoruichi had betrayed her so that when the prodigal heir of the Shihouin clan returned, all those ugly feelings surfaced.

The fight had been not quite so decisive, more a matter of pride to Soi Fong even though she tried to ignore the looks that Yoruichi had given her, those looks that said she did not want to fight.   She did, she wanted to fight, wanted to hurt Yoruichi in turn for stirring up a whole mess of feelings that were not so easy to ignore.   She talked a good game, but she started to slow after she had announced that she was going to do the finishing strik, Yoruichi had known that she was not talking in all seriousness, but rather letting a mountain full of pain be the representative speaker.   And if it had not been for the energy that had disrupted the Genryuusai's, she would of been easy prey to Yoruichi.

Now that she was able to look past the fight. she realized that she would of died by Yoruichi's hands in the end, willingly because she possessed no understanding of what Yoruichi had to do.  Because her lack of understanding fueled her Sting, there would of been where she would of ultimately err'd.

It was in her room later that night after everything had settled down where she cried.  Throwing herself onto her futon and sobbing because of the messed up little girl she had become, and Yoruichi had seen it.  Perhaps that is what shamed her the most, that her weakness had been like a blazing black butterfly upon her chest, and another jab from Yoruichi would of hurt unimaginably.

She did not know how long that lasted before she felt something rub up against her ankle, and a little mrrhing nose, she raised herself up from her futon to see a black cat sitting there at her feet, looking up at her with golden eyes.  She knew who Yoruichi was and likewise her other form was and had never been lost on her.  This was Yoruichi's way of saying that she would listen to whatever it was that Soi wanted to say if indeed she had anything whatsoever. A very effective method of communication, for there was nothing quite so comforting to have a cat allow you to stroke it while you talked to them.   Soi Fong soundlessly patted her lap for Yoruichi to perch and curl up, then the dam dropped on her words and tears, and she expelled both freely.

The act of talking to the cat on her lap, petting in time while she talked.   Occasionally meows came from Yoruichi but there were never any words, because Soi Fong did not need words from Yoruichi right now.   They would ultimately come later. Instead she spent the night talking to Yoruichi while the shadows grew around them. Talked long after the tears had dried on her face, talked until she curled up on the bed with Yoruichi curled up on her stomach.  Silence between them now as they thought over what Soi Fong had said long into the night.

Only when Soi Fong was drifting off, spent with emotion did the shift take place.  And then it was Yoruichi's time to speak.

And yet she did not, instead choosing to draw her little bee into her arms and guide her into the arms of sleep, ushered there by little words of forgiveness that Soi Fong was able to understand while on her path to nod.  Pressed kisses against a cheek while Soi Fong cuddled up into her arms, laying vulnerable like a child.  In that moment, Soi Fong knew there was hope for the both of them, despite all pain and all misunderstanding.

When she found the next rose on her pillow the morning that Yoruichi was to leave, she did not throw it against the wall like the first time, rather she grabbed an album filled with pictures of both her and Yoruichi, and she pressed it against the pages.   There was still pain there, but no longer bitterness. And where bitterness no longer was, hope was free to grow.

"If you're lost, you can look
You will find me.. Time after Time
If you fall, I will catch you
Oh, I'll be waiting.. Time after Time"

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