Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Take me back to your place, that will be fine~

My first KKM icon. Hurrah for Gwendel. The song in the lyrics is the self titled "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" by Queen which I thought fit his pose. Ah, I love him as well. And always need a gentleman icon. Errrh.. I have 52 more icon slots open. And no inclination to fill them too terribly fast. I am pretty sure I will get cracking once they finally decide to give us 200 icons (which will be the next increment coming you know)

Queen.. the world could use more Queen.

Edit: And to match my Gwendel icon, I made shuufish a Gunter icon

Edit: I will eventually do Conrad, Yuuri and Wolfram from the same picture. But I will only do ONE icon for ONE individual. If you are interested in either of the Conrad, Yuuri or Wolfram versions, comment. If I gather up enough names, I will do a dice roll. >.>

Edit: Well, the set will be complete so it is closed off.

- Wolfram for shiva_chan
- Conrad for shiome
- Yuuri for dieux
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