Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Insert Spork Here~

Tenipuri got licensed.   OH BOY!   I am amused now.   I am eager to see what type of fangirls it incites.   I have noticed that most fangirls that actually watched it via subs are pretty tame, but oh gods once an anime gets licensed, it inspires a NEW BREED of fangirls.  (Look at what happened with KKM and Full Metal Alchemist).   Oh gods save the Tenipuri communities!

UzukiStyle: (Oh gods.. Prince of Tennis just got licensed.. AHAHAHHAHA.. )
Mishakel7: (Why is that funny? *tilts*)
UzukiStyle: (Just because I am eager to see what breed of fangirls it incites..)(
Mishakel7: (Ahh... the next generation of yaoi fangirl.. they are all ten)

Edit: Though I will admit some people in the Tenipuri fandom are utter WHACKJOBS anyways.. and certain people like hinoai and tasukeai know what I am talking about.

Edit2: For clarification, I like Tenipuri, but I also like FMA, Loveless and KKM..
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