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~A Winner is YOU~

Congratulations bobatealuvr for selecting my OTP het pairing Akira/Takumi from Mai Otome/Hime. The key word in there is that they had to be a pair that I was not tempted in the least to pair them up with anyone else of their same gender. Akira and Takumi are the pairing that are very backwards on their gender roles, Takumi being the male who cooks and is sensitive, and Akira being the girl who is very tomboyish and masquerades as a boy half the time. I love them so much.


So now, pick your poisonnumber between 1 and 3217, winner! ^_^

Alot of people guessed Citan/Yui because they know I am a Citan/Hyuga freak.. but really no. I love them together, but I always want to pair them up with different people.. hence why they can't be my het OTP. Sorry. >.>
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