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List of fun I had today...

1.) Roleplayed Shunsui/Ukitake with shuufish and enjoyed the fact that they were doing normal things, I like how they are forming right now. Right now no concept of sexuality, just themselves and their friendship, the way that Ukitake snickers behind his hand whenever Shunsui starts charming the girls up, and the fact that I know that he would not care even if he and Shunsui -were- a couple, because Ukitake is not the jealous type. We look forward to see how Shunsui comports himself in the Hot Springs.. we think there will be alot of Shunsei chasing girls in towels. He might get his first in-game slap. Ah, Mish.. I love you.

2.) I had a lovely lovely conversation with babel over various fandom and sundry. She added me today and I was compelled to respond to her post when she mentioned Kain and Cecil. And then we found alot more we had in common.

3.) Yes I made pimp_kitten an icon, and no it was not shoda pony.. he'll be uploading it soon I hope.

4.) Green peppers I will only know now as "Satan Fruit". Silly Pizza Etc job. I love it.

5.) fennin and the Count/Albert Robo-Cock discussion which involve speaking of a person who shall remain nameless. Ah, emily-kins, you are silly.. but in a good way.

6.) hikarisenshi and the lisping panties... >.>. Which sounds like I got that out of a Harry Potter Title Generator.


I need a pimp icon, a new one. I might use Shunsei picture for a pimp one.. but he's so overused. (but that's alright)

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