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~Release my Heart~

[sirius + remus]

I like Sirus and Remus.. *cheeses*

Weasley Twins are my perfekt guys....

discover who's your perfekt HP guy here

Find out which harem member YOU are!

Test designed by Jaana and Kathy.

*ahee's* I love this! *squees*

Immortalized by the famous "Draco Sinister" (by Cassandra Claire), you are witty, sexy, and the typical bad boy girls love. You are paired with Ginny or Hermione, because they remind the author the most of herself. You have sudden special powers that enable you to go along special Voldie-killing missions with Harry and Co. At first you get on everyone's nerves, especially Ron's, but soon everyone learns to love you.

Find out which Draco you are.
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