Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Doesn't that just beat all...~

Over the course of a day I make many many icons. Some are lovely (like my current Jareth icon. YAY FOR GOBLIN KING..) and some are my run of the mill Xeno-icons (and crack-inspired along the lines of Emperor Cain or Darth Sigurd)

But none is quite like this.

Somehow I am trying to figure out exactly -what- I was smoking when I made it. (Though I think it has something to do with something Mish said about hot asian girls) I am confused. *thuds* What is that supposed to mean. Ugh... okay.. time for sleep. I will update soylent_icons with all my latest icons later. Nini everyone!

P.S: that font that I am using on the icon, is my current favorite font. I love it.
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