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What happened mine and shuufish's muse box tonight was the following... (it was evidentally a Bleach Muse SPECIAL)

Shunsei (mish) filrts with Nanao-chan (hyu), Hakkai (hyu) decides to give Ukitake (hyu) a dress, saying that he knows what to do with it. Then while Hakkai was helping Ukitake with a dress, Nanao-chan storms off by saying that Shunsei owns the den of iniquity. Shunsei waves bye bye to her and then waits for Ukitake. Ukitake comes out and then after a moment when Shunsei forgets Nanao-chan's name (hell I think he may of forgotten his OWN name) then do clothes start coming off very quickly as they lounge on Shunsei's pimp couch (tm).

Then when Mish has to go to bed, then does Shunsei vow to beat us both with the pimp cane he has hidden underneath the coat.. little realizing that his coat was discarded a LONG FUCKING TIME AGO.


Why the fuck is the Song of Nephilim playing now? This never bodes well when that song comes on my playlist.


freysama and pyratesss, you have two mommy's. I just thought you two should know it. Rosa Cymosa and myself are eloping. -_-; And we will have hot Sei/Youko cosplay smut. Just FTW..
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