Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Interesting Meme~

1. List ten things you want to say to people but know you never will.
2. Don't say who they are.
3. Disable comments.
4. Never discuss it again.


1.)   Reading your posts was like slowly gouging my eyes out vicariously.   I can breathe easier now that I do not have to put up with that incessant wank-fest that was/is your journal.
2.)   You know, sometimes the world is not just about you or your interests.   And your opinion is not the god-all of opinions.
3.)   You are a fucking canon-whore.   And that is what I hate worse then yaoi nazi's.
4.)    I wish sometimes I could have met you underneath different circumstances.   In fact I wish that every day that I know you..
5.)    I'm over it now and even though it never was a competition... I won and you did not.   Petty yes, but still the truth.
6.)    Sometimes I am torn between envying and admiring you.. and I don't know which to succumb to fully. 
7.)    Sometimes I wonder if it is not -you- who is the true Jin.    Sometimes I think it should be that you are the Jin and I am the Citan.   Is that strange?
8.)    You slowly sap away my energy and I can feel it every day.   Damn you.
9.)    No, I am not hitting on you.. and I'll never hit on you.. EVER.
10.)    You are my hero.. and that is alot coming from myself who is so filled with pride.   I'll never admit it, but you friending me.. it was like being touched by the hand of god.

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