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~Wondering how you every know that you stimulate my life..~

Antique Bakery just got booted up into being my favorite yaoi manga of all times.   Because it isn't just all about the yaoi.   (But I will admit.. yes Kanda is hot.. demonically gay.. teehee).   I think I like it because of the descriptions, the storyline has made me wibble whereas the other manga, I'm just essentially reading it for the deep dicking action and that's about it.      This manga though, it's poignant, it makes you damn hungry and well I just thoroughly approve it.     Anyone who wants a really good plotful story that isn't just about the buttsecks, then pick up Antique Bakery.

Yes, I just pimped a manga.  *heh's*


There is alot of icons I need..  I need a Kanda icon.  >.>
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