Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Guardian Angel: A Fic-Bit~

Title: Guardian Angel
Author: Hyu or jyuufish
Challenge: Dressing up
Game: Xenogears
Comments: Well this came to my mind as I was thinking of what I could do to write for this. It seemed almost natural. Notes for an original character that is apart of my mental canon for the Nisan Era, just before the War of Diabolos. No male/male warning this time. But there is a cuteness warning. Written for xenodrabbles


"Hey look, Yayoi.. do we -really- need to encourage him?" Hatsuyuki demanded as he placed his hand on his hips and regarded his older brother, a placid boy-man of eighteen with serious eyes and a bent for the scholarly. "After all this play is highly unrealistic and this is just absurd." And then to illustrate his point, he glanced over to where the offending practice was being held.

The Ricdeau family had gotten a day pass yesterday in which they could go into Entrenak on merits of good behavior, and so their father, Kenpachi had taken them to various sites, all 8 of them which had been a feat considering that at the very most they were each seperated by two years. And boys to boot. They all had walked away with different memoriable expiriences. And for the youngest Ricdeau, he had been to the museum, had see the portrait of the solemn white robed man with wing pins on his uniform and had immediately been entranced.

"One day, I shall be like Mathias Ricdeau, first Guardian Angel to our Emperor Cain, see if I do not!" Hyuga chirped in robes of his own making. He had used one of his mother's dresses, affixed a few pins here and there and trussed it up so that he did not look like a girl, which was really a moot point. "See, I look just like him!" Then he started on a run across the room, however not calculating the length of white linen to be had as a piece refused to give while he was walking, and he hurtled toward the floor, flailing before falling flat on his face.

Hatsuyuki chuckled softly as he watched his youngest brother's fall from the heights.

"You had better learn how to walk before you aspire to fly, twerp.."

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