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~Strange Maurader Type Dreams~

That was the first time I've ever had a Marauders dream. I dreamt that I was Remus and I was going out with James but I was in love with Sirius, always talked with him on the phone, always went out with him to go drinking. And then I broke up with James because it was wrong of me to be in love with Sirius and go out with James. So I did it and then Sirius would not talk to me because I had broken James' heart. But James really knew that I had a crush on Sirius and had been the one to say it was alright. So then both James and I cornered Sirius then I proceeded to explain to Sirius that I loved him. That was when the making out happened.

Remus/Sirius making out. Wheeee makes me happy. I remember moon patterns in my dream.

It is not often that Remus muse comes out in dreams. I thought he was satisfied with the last time that he mauled Sirius-muse. Evidentally not. Though after the mating, he's been pretty much sated, no doubt when not in my psyche, curled up in Mish's lavishing attention upon Sirius who is probably enjoying it quite a bit.

I'm feeling not so depressed. But Thursday is coming soon, and with that my inexplicable craving for chocolate as well as the urge to punch through a few walls. Luckily when Alexi picked me up from work, he brought me midol. Now where is that chocolate. >.>

Aidan and Magus want to write something whcih I'll let them eventually. Evidentally Aidan told me he gets fierce bouts of sea sickness. This amuses me because he's never BEEN on the high seas before. After he puked, Aidan muse told me to ignore it. Luckily Magus was a doll and held Aidan's hair back for him in the process. This is definitely going to cement their friendship. Dare I say that Magus and Aidan are best friends. (I've never considered it before, but it seems plausible)

Wow, I rambled. And wow, you guys read. >.>

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