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~Cause I've got my own way~

Well first, I watched the first episode of Black Cat and really it did not hold me at all, so I am going to skip on Black Cat for the time being. Though I can see why it is popular, certainly it is popular with Dimitri (a friend). I think I will stick to Mai Otome, Bleach and Naruto for right now though I may download some other anime here and there if I am of the inclination. (I am thinking of downloading Cluster Edge because it is a popular anime among my FList I've noticed.). I was also the same way with ParaKiss. I did not care for that anime at all. >.> It was too fashion-oriented for me and thereby did not hold my attention for very long.

Once again I am loving my Hard Drive. Right now I am organizing things. *giggles*

Which reminds me...

Someone.. pick a number between 1 and 3156. This is for the Daily Download.
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