Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Last note before I go and start re-adding and adding~

Oh yes, I also renamed my account. So Hyujin.. it's me Nia/Hyu. I decided to do it early. >.>

I am going to go through and systematically add everyone back. Bleah.. I shudder.

I used to be Sporflefruit for anyone that wonders.

The name comes from a combination of Hyu and Jin. Both being two muses in my mind. They both represent me in a way. I am Hyuga on the inside and Jin on the outside. So that is the explanation for my new username.

Sporflefruit was a good name.. but that was taken on a impulse, being that I had to get over kurohyou and I needed to abandon Hyuga for a while... so that I could recover.
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