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~First Day of Mish being Gone.. and here is the Result... SONGFIC!~

Fandom: Xenogears/Hogwarts Crossover. (I love AUs)
Pairing: Hyuga Ricdeau and Sigurd Harcourt, 5th year Gryffindors.
Title: Pretty Boy
Comments: This was actually begging to be written for that particular RP since the Yui/Hyuga/Sigurd love triangle is happening. Yui loves Hyuga, Hyuga loves Sigurd but won't tell, and Sigurd is realizing that he sort of likes Hyuga himself after finding out that Yui liked him. But they're still gonna remain chummy, after all they are like the Mauraders of the Hogwarts/Xeno RP. Ah, I have a fondness for Hyuga and Sigurd... *merfs*

"I lay awake at night
See things in black and white.
I've only got you inside my mind
You know you have made me blind.

I lie awake and pray
That you will look my way.
I have all of this longing in my heart
I knew it from the start."

Sometimes it physically hurt to look upon the profile of his best friend. At first he had not known what it was for the little pang that shot through his heart was so unfamilar and yet so crystal clear at the same time. He had to look away else Sigurd catch it and ask him what was wrong, after all what could he say to it when he himself could not define it, and his logical heart could not comprehend what it was. What reason had he to feel the traces of melancholy whenever he saw Sigurd laughing at something that a fellow housemate said, the deep chuckle making him wish he had said something vastly amusing to draw out that golden laughter. But he was always a step away from that.

He could even remember the first time he was aware of Sigurd as something so much more then a best friend. It had been that summer that Sigurd had spent a few weeks with him and his family for perhaps the first time since they had become friends. It had been the first time that it had been just the two of them with no Yui. Hyuga did not mind Yui's presence, but this was the first one where they could go through the day without meeting up with her, and somehow the fact that he had Sigurd's attention all to himself made the summer holidays what he wanted it to be.

It had been Jin that had inspired that laugh with something that he had said. Sigurd burst out laughing at the breakfast table and Hyuga glanced to give Sigurd an amused smile, but he paused when everything seemed to go in slow motion and the only thing he could see was Sigurd and those sparkling blue eyes, so liquid in their merriment that he felt something inside of him melt into the depths of those eyes and he could not for the life of him figure out what had just occured in the space of a single second.

At first he tried to avoid these feelings, pushing them aside as he thought that if he ignored them, they would diminish or just flounder in a sea of illogic. However he could not do it, he had tried but well each time Sigurd smiled at anyone, his heart beat uncontrollably, and every time Sigurd smiled at him he found himself wanting to run into those arms. But likewise he knew that he had outgrown that very 1st year gesture of running into Sigurd's arms for hugs. He was a 5th year and above all of that.

"Oh my pretty pretty boy I love
Like I never ever loved no one before you
Pretty pretty boy, all mine..
Just tell me you love me too

Oh my pretty pretty boy I need you
Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
Let me inside..
Make me stay right beside you."

The crush grew deeper and deeper in the quiet hours when they were huddled underneath his covers sharing secrets like two boys in confidences did, and they were the closest of confidences. Whispered little hopes about the future and what it would bring and where they would go. Of course in those moments he realized that one day, they would part to live real lives outside of Hogwarts. Both of them getting jobs that were tailored to their particular magical strengths, but as words were whispered into his ear so as to not waken Citan whom Hyuga shared a room with, he felt that he could of been the benificiary of much more of those intimate whispers.

And that thought made him slightly embarassed.

He knew theoretically it was not the best thing to just go up and develop a crush on your best friend, that type of things made it a bit more awkward, even though a year before, when they had won.. he had seen several girls bum-rush Sigurd after the game, and that had sent a splintering of something irrational through him that he had attributed it to post-game exhaustion. But he had breathed easier once him, Sigurd and Yui had escaped from the Gryffindor House party and he was able to be just himself with Yui and Sigurd. During that party, he had grown testy with several of the girls who had hung off of Sigurd's arms.

Yui, well Yui had never really counted as a girl anyways. There was something about Yui that did not inspire him with a stab of panic, not like the other girls who could potentially take Sigurd away from him.

"I used to write your name
I put it a frame..
And sometimes I think you hear you call
Right from my bedroom wall

You stay a little while,
And touch me with your smile..
And what can I say to make you mine?
To reach out for you in time."

But it all became clear to him as he was laying beside Sigurd, pretending to sleep. Every breath of Sigurd's paced in sleep he could feel reverberate throughout the bed and through Hyuga's consciousness all together. Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw those eyes glimmering with laughter coupled with a smile that made the day go by a little bit sweeter. When he was sure that Sigurd was asleep, perhaps an hour had passed, he rolled over in the bed so that he was facing Sigurd's form. Sprawled upon his back with his limps tangled in the covers, there was no sight better and Hyuga lay there and gazed upon the profile in sleep, so beautifully boyish yet with the glimmerings of the man that he would become.

He reached over and cupped that cheek very softly, almost ghosting his palm over the tanned cheek, thinking that Sigurd was the most beautiful boy ever. As skin came in contact with skin, it was then that Hyuga realized what this was. He was in love with his best friend and his breath caught in his throat at the amazing possibility.

That was when he leaned forward just a little bit, so that he could smell the clean shampoo smell of Sigurd's hair, nuzzling so gently that there was no chance of Sigurd waking. And finding himself that close, he did the next thing that came natural, he leaned in and shiveringly brushed his lips against Sigurd. It was not even a firm kiss, rather one made of dreams and wishes. He expelled breath at the force of it struck him and would of stayed there gazing but for the fact that Sigurd stirred, that sent him quickly to his own side of the bed so that he could bury himself underneath the covers and hide his red face, heart beating with the fear of getting caught.

"Oh my pretty pretty boy I love
Like I never ever loved no one before you
Pretty pretty boy, all mine..
Just tell me you love me too

Oh my pretty pretty boy I need you
Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
Let me inside..
Make me stay right beside you."

But there was only a mumble and Hyuga's heart stilled to normalcy after a few moments.

The next morning there was nothing but the same friendship. He had not known what he would of done had Sigurd known that he had kissed him, but he knew that never again would he want to jeopardize that friendship between them.

Even if Hyuga had to lock it up all inside.

"Let me inside..
Make me stay right beside you."

Songfic by shitan | jyuufish aka Hyu

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