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So anyways my Ke'chara is gone for two weeks. This leaves me with little to do online. That suits me alright, because starting today, I am going to do holiday stuff with Alexi. I will be online to check email and post and perhaps the evening bout of RO or creativity.. but this will be preparing for the actual HOLIDAY season, the first that I've actually celebrated in this house. There is the tree to trim, movies to watch and we are going to smother Alexi so full of the Christmas spirit that he is going to want to puke by the time he goes back to work. (Ahahahah)

But ever so often I will post little fic-bits. You may cross over it, but these fic bits will be for shuufish, to let her know that I am constantly thinking of her while she herself enjoys the holidays. (Plus there is something that I have to do for the 18th, that both Hyu and I are in the thinking stages of right now. I will have something fleshed out by the time I come home from work today I think. It stands to reason that I am going to miss her very much... very very much. The muses are going to be hog-tied, in fact I can hear Jin grumbling over his cum-cereal right now. (Don't ask, it's kinda gross)

Which reminds me. destry, duokinneas. Do you guys want to meet me in Boise sometime next week? As our first get together after a year. I can understand if duokinneas does not want to (and no hard feelings, if she is not ready, I understand).. but destry? It would be a symbol for me of somehow coming full circle this Christmas Season. Making this Christmas season mean something other then the fact that last year around the Holiday I had the shittiest time ever. I have to be up there anyways in order to shop for the last of Alexi's stocking stuffers.. so I thought why not ask. *heh's* I know Jessalyn has been pressing for a meetup though, and I'd really like to hang out with her.

My resolve though has been to brush over the sheer kurohyou that has somehow glazed the season over for me and made me a bit sad in the process. The holidays should never be about who broke your heart, but rather the family and friends that love you and care for you.

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