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~My treatise on the holidays~

Baking weekend is coming soon. This of course means that I will be holing myself in the kitchen for perhaps two days straight and making cookies, candies and confections. Now this might be a girly occupation yes, but it is not like that to me. It is a -tradition-. It is something that I remember my grandmother doing when I was growing up.. and it is one of the fondest memories that I have of the Christmas season.. even though I hated the making of fudge with a passion, I know I will like it because it is myself and the spirit of my grandmother connecting and that means the most to me, it is the perfect closure to a year.

So for all of you people that are getting a Christmas package on my FList. (There is four of you recieving this particular package.) Well remember when you eat up, you are eating something that is a tradition.. (I would gonna say grandmother instead of tradition, but then I realized how GROSS that sounded.. and I was like EWWWW).

Emily, I am going to send yours and Saru's at the same time.. since I know she's coming down. *mrrfs* Is that alright?

And Todd and Mish won't get their Christmas Package til a little bit AFTER New Years. *heh's*

Edit: Shibuya Yuuri's single.. yes I LOVE it. I might of been made a fan of Sakurai Takehiro. Gee wiliker!

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