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~Cue the Kefka Theme Here~

I really need to get cracking on fics.

shuufish has written so much and I feel sort of behind. >.>

Oh yes, the food poisoning (if it is food poisoning) is still going strong, last night I woke only to puke my brains out. And I discovered the bane of having Citan-hair... that is the fact that if you don't have anyone to hold it back for you, you are screwed. >.> After puking everything but my shoes out, I had to throw myself into the tub so I did not have to sleep with nasty-ass hair. (I'm a virgo and that is a no-no..)

Oh yes, I still have a fondness for Kefka as far as Final Fantasy villians go. Sephiroth was misguided, Ultimecia was suffering from one long PMS bout.. SIN and Vegnagun.. were you know, BEINGS/MACHINES. But Kefka.. oh Kefka was batshit crazy.. and for that I loved him.
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