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~Xenogears Discussion (long overdue?)~

You know jianna brought up a good point. Xenogears is one of the very few fandoms where I can wibble over the canon couples quite happily. Yui/Citan gives me a certain sort of contentment. (Yes I put her first.. because in Xenogears.. the women rule..) and Elly/Fei.. yeah, that is sweet stuff right there. Normally I do not like canon heterosexual couples for the complete lack of balance that I see. (FTR, another of these couples are Rydia/Edge.. that is equal.. AND batshit crazy.. I like!) But in Xenogears, there has always been this balance between the masculine and feminine that I adore. The women are not the sit down type, and 'stand up and shake the heavens' applies to ALL of them.

Usually if I can't stand the women, then I won't like the couple. But I still have my favorite alternative couples if in fact I do like the women. (Hyuga/Sigurd and Citan/Fei will always be my pets..) And in my fics, the women never gets shafted.. you can believe that every time Hyuga sleeps with a Sigurd in any of my during-game fics, he is going to feel a whole bunch of guilt for doing something to the mother of his child. (Luckily my Yui muse is secretly enjoying his guilt, even while she was peeking over my shoulder and enjoying the hot mansex.). Not to mention we have plans in theh Independant RP for introducing Yui to Sigurd's half-sister, Jordegarde (Or however you pronounce it). I can imagine that they will hit it off famously. >.>

But at any rate. Rock on Xenogears.. for making me feel for het couples what I just normally -don't-.

(FTR.. I like Laguna/Raine better then Squall/Rinoa... even though my pet ship is Laguna/Kiros)

Signing off to do Laundry (else pimp_kitten will go batshit crazy)

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