Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,


So I got food poisoning last night.

I am still suffering through the pangs of it, but at least I am not throwing up anymore.. which in my case is a good thing. Of course the sleep that I got was far from complete because I kept waking up. But ugh... I have not been food poisoned in so long that I forgot how painful it can be.

Once again I am sorry to shuufish for skittering out of there so quickly, but after I threw up the first time, the very last place I wanted to be was in front of the computer. (love you)

Also, thank you to pimp_kitten who has been calling me regularly to see that I am okay. Right now I am miserable, but it's tolerable.

I am never eating food from the Night Shift at Pizza Etc again. >.> I guess I just can't trust Bruce like I can Suk.
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