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~Broken mirror.. a million shades of light~

I was weak and I bought two Xenogears Doujinshi.. I also paid for Mish's christmas present. I got one that was Bart centric entitled "Parapa" and then I bought one that had Citan and Fei on the cover that said "Red". Nothing Sigurd and Hyuga centric, but well I figure I will have pictures of both of them to add to individual collections. *teehee* I also have to scan in the other doujinshi I got a few weeks ago. The one that has Hyuga wearing the ribbons. *giggles* Oh but I shall do that.

Xenogears is my crack. Forever and ever.

Both Mish and I were discussing Xenogears and why exactly we are so stuck up on it. I don't know, but that fandom for me never gets old. Ever.
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