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~Ficcage based on RP Alert: The Beginning~

Fandom: Xenogears/Supernatural crossover. *Think 17th Century and Occultish. Vampires, demons, witches.. the like*
Pairing: Hyuga Ricdeau and Sigurd Harcourt.
Title: I wanted to call it The Locket but that has almost a small part in the story. >.>
Comments: Hyuga Ricdeau and Sigurd Harcourt, in this RP, was seperated by Hyuga's forceful turning of vampirism. But before then they had their whole lives in front of them. And well Hyuga was thinking of this particular scene and being said. So I really had to write it down. This one is perhaps a bit more tragic then the other stories. The Locket also has alot more significance then I let on. Promises of Forever in any Xeno-RP that I do with Hyuga and Sigurd, usually take a long time in coming. (Note: Contextually this scene is -very- sad, but by itself, it is actually pretty damn sappy.)

There was a certain peace to coming home to a warm toasty fire. Though Hyuga had to admit that they did not make that much money, in fact the pay was fairly modest between the both of them and it was a rather good thing that they were sharing a bed, because two beds would of been very dear. But well they could dream away their evenings, spend it in talk and ambitions which Hyuga loved all too fondly, being able to curl up on the rug that they both had in front of the fire and be able to communicate with his dearest.

He had to look back and think about their association. It had been love at first site, Hyuga had been helping his father with a shipment of imported books from france and he he been dilgient in his tast, a thirteen year old that wanted to impress his father. And then stepping off the boat was the most beautiful boy, one that had almost caused him to drop his books. He had perhaps starred for the boy had looked at him, in confusion for a moment, and then a smile as he walked over there quite brazenly and introduced himself. How they could of rigged up a conversation out of nothing, he did not know.. all he knew was that the boy was all exotic, from the sparkling blue eyes to the tanned skin and silvery hair. It had been the boy's first step into England from India and Hyuga found out he was helping him with his english by conversing. Secretly he glowed as he offered more help to the other boy.

A chance of luck that the boy was moving in next door to Hyuga. In all of London, really what were the odds, since the city itself was so huge. Hyuga was exultant and faithfully went over to Sigurd's home to help him practice his english and taught him more from the language in a short ammount of time, but really soon it became an excuse to see the other boy. Anything to prolong the studying so that he could have a good reason to escape from his chores to come over.

It was a crush, a crush that he did not know was mutual. Sigurd.. well Hyuga agonized over that name because he did not think that the other boy liked boys. But really Hyuga never knew he did either, not until he had met Sigurd and gotten to know him, he found himself dreaming of kisses and caresses, whispered confessions and gentle pursuasions full of gallentry and ardor.

He probably would of never done anything about it either unless it had happened one night as they were walking home from the docks after Hyuga's father had recieved a shipment and Sigurd had treated Hyuga to something from the candy shop, and then as they were walking back, Sigurd had commented that the candy stick seemed like it was enjoying his stay against Hyuga's lips, because he knew he would. Hyuga almost dropped his candy stick in surprise and then asked Sigurd if he wanted to kiss him. No sooner were those words said before he found himself drawn into those very arms and kissed until he was nearly senseless.

That had been the beginning of a wonderful thing.

As soon as they had turned 18 and Hyuga had gotten an apprenticeship as a bookseller, him and Sigurd had taken lodgings together, with Sigurd getting a position at a Merchant Company. The pay was not good for the two starting off but it was enough to put food on the table and content them and Hyuga thought that really they did not need much else then that, and each other.

They were both laying on the rug by the fire. That is one thing they had no lack of, firewood.. and that was perhaps one of the most important things to them, because before the hearth was their dreaming place. Untouched by every day cares, and it was lit the moment that the both of them entered the house, and it stayed lit until they retired to bed in each other's arms. A chance look at Sigurd's profile, eyes slitted as he sprawled much like a cat look, before Hyuga sort of crossed the space between them. In that moment, realizing exactly what a treasure he had in this moment with Sigurd so very close to him.

"Sigurd.." He breathed into that ear. "I want to spend forever with you." That was said softly, accompanied by soft little kisses raining down on the skin just underneath the ear and nuzzling into those arms that immediately wrapped around him.

"Hyu... I do too." The response came and Hyuga lifted his head up to look into those blue eyes, he saw that look and his heart melted, for his own look he knew had just been mirrored back to him. "I think I've wanted to spend forever with you for a very long time." Sigurd's hand reached up and Hyuga felt it in the way it cupped his cheek and departed it's own warmth, and Hyuga could not help himself. He promptly leaned down to graze his lips against Sigurd's. In at first a light kiss, but that kiss soon gained quite a bit of momentum until it would snowball out of control. He knew where it would end up and he had no qualm. But before that, his lips nuzzled out of Sigurd's lips. "Hold on, I have something to give you." Hyuga said as he scrambled up from the rug and walked over to his bed, taking out the little locked box that he kept, tugging the key from around his neck and then undoing a lock.

He rummaged around in what he could consider his treasure before he removed from it a slightly aged locket. It was not shiny, of course not, though it could be polished to reflect the shine, and then he located a pair of shears on the table next to their bed, Finally he walked over with the locket and settled next to Sigurd while he proceeded to open the Locket, however it was a puzzle locket. "This, I want you to have it.." He said as he started to move the little filagrees of the locket in a certain direction very gently. "This is a symbol of my promise to spend eternity with you." He then opened it, a locket that was empty as he had nothing to put into it previously. Then reaching for the shears he applied it to his long thick hair until finally he had a little tendril of hair which he inserted into the puzzled locket and then closed gently before he pressed it into Sigurd's hands. "I love you.." As he bumped his nose together with Sigurd's

His lover did not talk, just accepted the locket and tucked it into the pouch on his shirt closest to his heart and then drew him closer as their lips bumped together, and then he submitted, his fingers curled in the cambric of Sigurd's shirt as their kiss once again took fire, the only sound in their empty house, two lips with the sound of seeking each other out, and finding what they most desired.

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