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~Nia's Favorite Pictures~

Alright, this one will be a bit silly but this one does not come from my favorites folder. Oh no, this one comes from my UZUKI folder. (which is a favorite specific folder.. since everyone on my FList should by now have comprehended my love for all things Uzuki.) Okay so I stared at this screen for quite a while this morning.

Without Mish, this cap would not of been possible since she DVD burned all the movie sequences from Xenosaga II and sent them to me. So now I have all of the movies, and more then enough means to make icons whenever I want. But yes, Jin.. his ass his perfection. I think I salivated over it, you could bounce shit off that rear. One day Chaos will tap that ass.. because an untapped ass like that is a waste.

Comment on what you like or don't like. Still not going to change my opinion that it is grade A+++ ass.
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