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A wonderful morning is waking up to two instances of surprise buttsecks. I have fond memories of Surprise Buttsecks.. remember uzukisaru when we almost had surprise buttsecks in your living room.. and if we had almost surprise buttsecks then I would of almost smashed my brains out on the wooden floor. Good times. Those breasts = NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

They make surprise buttsecks lethal.


P.S: shuufish. I got your package! Ahaha.. this is for THE WIN. You are the greatest ever!

P.S.S: Chie from Mai Otome. I LOVE HER. She is the Pimp!Otome. *heh's* She is like a female Jin. And that amuses me to no end. I loved the subtext between her and Aoi in Mai-HiME. I need an icon of her. >.>
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