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Okay so I have been doing alot of icons over at soylent_icons and well I stole this icon up from underneath it. (This icon of Remus had been originally intended for Soylent, until I was like. fuck it I like it). However there are certain icons that I like alot, not enough to keep mind you but enough to place it on my journal so that people on my FList can get to it before I put it up for grabs at my icon community. This my friends, is one of them.

- Franz from Gankutsou. It came out in a way that is very fitting of the story and art. So well, if you want it, just comment, credit soylent_icons and well enjoy spreading the Franz d'Epinay love.

And if you haven't seen Gankutsou yet.. WATCH it. It is my number one in terms of anime, followed by Mai-Hime and Shoujo Kakumei Utena.
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