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~Wake me up before you go go~

Well so far it seems like this day is going to go OK. I mean I did wake up late, I think it is because I changed around how I slept and so it kinda disturbed my sleep patterns. See I don't -remember- turning the alarm clock off, I just saw that the clock read 6:58) *which translates to 6:28 because I have my clock set a half an hour late to fool my mind into thinking I don't have enough time.

Then I actually got some training in, and I actually understood it. Meaning Sgt Hall was making a leetle bit of sense. I communicated with Sgt Thompson, got a date to go into get my birth control pill.. *thinks* and a dental cleaning appt.. plus I went to the gym. Now when I get home this afternoon I -have- to finish cleaning up my room.

But only the bathroom area has to be cleaned. *nods* Which I am going to get out the scrub brush and the simple green. *nods*

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